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Residential Electrical Services

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How to Make Sure You Work with the Best Residential Electrician - York Region Solutions at Your Service

If your electrical installation is slowly but surely failing to keep up with your household needs, the best decision you could make is to hire a residential electrician, York region professionals being renowned for the quality and reliability of the services they provide.

Of course, you should not hire the first service provider you come across, but rather do your research and make sure you will get timely, efficient and fairly priced services. Just look for a company with tradition or an individual service provider in the field of electrical installations, who have never or rarely disappointed their clients.

Perhaps your friend or neighbor knows a thing or two about electrical circuits, but the risks you take are considerable, a lot higher than the benefits of getting the problems solved without paying. What if he connects the wrong wires and burns down the whole installation, or, worse, causes a power failure in the whole neighborhood?

That could never happen when the works are performed by a licensed residential electrician, York region professionals being well known for their high training and relevant work experience. They will verify every connection in order to isolate the problem and replace all the problematic parts of the circuit, no matter if it is just a fuse, a plug or the whole safety panel. The best part is that none of your appliances will be in danger.

But, the services provided by these professionals do not stop here. No matter if you are renovating and you realized your installation can no longer keep up with your electricity consumption, if you are tired of problems and you think it is time to replace or if you need to power up new parts of your home, you can call a residential electrician, York region hosting numerous licensed and experienced professionals who can help you to:

  • Replace, extend and conceal your electrical wiring, so that you can enjoy the level of light you need, power up all your appliances without circuits overloads and have no loose or visible cables that could interfere with the atmosphere you wish to create in your home.
  • Save energy and money - The newest and most efficient materials and appliances can be recommended to you, so that you can enjoy maximum comfort with minimum costs. Going green is also easier when you rely on a skilled residential electrician, York region green projects having reached impressive numbers throughout the last few years.
  • Improve the security of your home - Improving the lighting of your home and backyard, installing smoke detectors, electric fences against cats and dogs and setting up alarm systems are just a few of the services residential electricians offer.
  • Improve the safety of your electrical installation - Thanks to homeowners' decisions of hiring a licensed residential electrician, York region electrical networks are now safer, no or very rare power failures being registered and more and more homes benefiting from surge protection, motion sensor adjustment and other such facilities - you can benefit from them too, if you make the right call.

Trilium Electrical Services are fully bonded and insured and are ready for your residential contracts. We hold current ECRA/ESA certifications as well as holding Master Electrician and Contractor Licenses in Ontario.

We specialize in residential services, such as:

  • Service changes & Upgrades
  • Renovations
  • Custom Homes
  • Patio & Outside lighting
  • Security & Motion lighting
  • Hot tubs
  • Fixture Installations
  • Ceiling Fans

 More Examples of Completed Residential Work:


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